RAPP, a vision of its Founder and Executive Director, Rev. Talbert, and an extension of 33 years of prison ministry, has its primary focus on re-entry and high-risk populations, helping to prevent recidivism, ensuring public safety, and improving the quality of life.

As a community and faith-based transitional services provider, RAPP offers service delivery to:
  • help current and former residents of correctional facilities reintegrate successfully into mainstream society as productive law-abiding citizens,
  • meet the needs of fathers and their children to ensure they have the fundamental skills necessary to strengthen relationships through reunification efforts that are developed financially, emotionally and socially, 
  • develop healthy marriages, and
  • assist all clients with a full array of comprehensive services as deemed necessary.

Located in the southeast quadrant of the District of Columbia, Ward 8, RAPP works with the community, government, custodial and non-custodial fathers, TANF-eligible residents, victims of crime and law enforcement in support of co-parenting, treatment, rehabilitation, and life support skills.  Services include, but not limited to, mentoring; counseling; classes in parenting, domestic violence, and anger management; access and supervised visits, neutral child drop-off and pick-up; on and off-site mediation services for co-parenting agreements; legal assistance on a case-by-case basis, parole and probation monitoring; substance abuse treatment; supervision of community service hours; job placement assistance; victim support; psychological therapy; and academic enrichment.  RAPP is also equipped and trained to work with Limited English Proficient populations.


In conjunction with collaborative partners, RAPP has more than 75 years of combined experience in working with its targeted populations with government, community and faith-based organizations, counselors, attorneys, law-enforcement officers, social workers, therapists, and psychologists.  Collectively, as well as individually, we have track records that have proven successful throughout the community with positive outcomes while working in the most disadvantaged high-risk neighborhoods in the District of Columbia.  


Reintegrating Alternatives Personal Program has received widespread attention for its success and has been recognized by major television networks, print media, community groups, city officials, Members of Congress, and the White House.

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