An effective behavior modification tool by focusing on learning new behaviors and coping skills. Mentoring replaces feelings of isolation and anomie with strong mentoring relationships marked by unconditional love and respect.  RAPPís signature mentoring program empowers clients to make better and smarter choices by positive reinforcement from highly-trained and well-supervised mentors. Rap groups begin the bonding with mentors, reflecting a new outlook on life and newly learned healthy values. Mentoring is both successful and effective because it raises self-esteem, builds pride and provides a new lens through which to view life.



Confidential counseling will provide clients with an array of skills that will facilitate the rehabilitation process and improve quality of life.  Also, substance abuse clients will be assisted in the development of healthy and responsible lifestyles.  RAPP will help to place clients with appropriate organizations to address chemical dependency, drug education and in-patient and outpatient treatment.  Clients will be afforded comprehensive assessments and consultation services.  Broad-based counseling sessions with experienced and trained staff will also strengthen spiritual and emotional values.



Offer classes in anger management, parenting, and domestic violence.  Clients receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the ten-week session consisting of 20 hours.


Victim Services Support

Promotes reconciliation and restoration to crime victims, family members and others suffering loss due to violence.  Trained counselors will treat all victims and their families with deserved dignity and respect.  Their focus and concern foster a spirit of compassion and sensitivity while providing assistance to those suffering a loss. Counselors maintain confidentiality while helping individuals through the grief process with caring support and appropriate follow-up.


Parole/Probation Monitoring

Work diligently with clients to assist in the supervision and enforcement of parole or probation requirements. RAPP will enforce a zero tolerance policy for violation of rules and regulations and provide fast, firm, and fair responses to offender non-compliance in order to ensure accountability and public safety.


Psychological Therapy

Provides psychological consultations and evaluations to determine an individualís emotional status and assess counseling needs.  Psychological tests, assessments, and interview sessions will help to give diagnostic impressions to make recommendations for referrals and medication evaluations.


Academic Enrichment

Based upon testing and evaluation, tutorial sessions will be arranged that will cover a variety of academic areas to promote reading and verbal comprehension, mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and spelling and vocabulary development.  Regularly scheduled sessions will be planned based upon need. Also, State and Board approved assessments and tests will be given periodically to determine progress. GED referrals will be processed as needed.


Entrepreneurial/Job Training & Preparation for the Workplace 

Offers assistance in marketable job skills training, starting small businesses, interview techniques, creating resumes, workforce conduct, and interaction with co-workers, team building, and entrepreneurial development.


Communication Workshops

Training sessions in anger management, risk and violence avoidance techniques will equip clients with alternative methods to resolving disputes without resorting to violence. Effective communication can help prevent future altercations and criminal offenses leading
to arrest and incarceration.

Relationship/Trust Development

RAPPís staff make routine visits to clients in correctional facilities at designated times, as deemed permissible according to the institutionís policy.  These visits will allow for one-on-one interaction to establish a bond of trust and friendship.  RAPP will be supportive at court appearances and interact with counsel and caseworkers, if necessary. Interacts with the D.C. Department of Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons regularly for pre-release planning of inmates.


RAPP Correspondence
Experienced individuals who are sensitive to the impact of correctional isolation correspond regularly with clients to improve morale and develop bonds of trust.


Refer to links for Fatherhood and Community for the Dept. of Human Services D.C. Fatherhood Initiative and the Community-Based Partnership Initiative.

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